Approaching our 10th anniversary and still going strong

Photo-for-HIV_WebHappy New Year to everyone!

It is my hope that this new year finds you healthy and happy. With the ending of 2015 it gives us time to reflect on all the things that came into our path. Through our regular monthly support meetings, health fairs and diversity events, we gained many new allies and friends plus had the opportunity to network with other organizations.

As the New Year is already out of the gate, it’s hard to believe that HIV Arkansas is celebrating our 10th year anniversary! From a simple concept of a kind-hearted man, the support group has grown into a thriving organization of people that have enriched lives in ways we cannot even measure. The founding board has a lot to be proud of in all the things we have accomplished through the years.  People involved with HIV Arkansas are some of the best people one could ever ask to meet, and I count it an honor to be a part of an organization that helps each other and encourages everyone to make positive choices.

Our board of directors have laid the groundwork for an exciting and fun-filled year. Many things are on the horizon and I encourage you to get involved and make the best of the year by attending every opportunity. Staying connected while living with an HIV diagnosis is one of the most critical aspects of managing this disease. The best way to stay connected is by placing yourself in the position of gathering with others and getting to know them on a regular basis. With that thought in mind, I invite you to attend one or all of our monthly Positive Living Support Meetings, which are conveniently held in Rogers and in Fayetteville. These regular meetings afford you the opportunity to share with others your triumphs, strengths and even gather encouragement when you need it most.

In addition, I invite you to attend our bi-monthly potluck dinners or social events, as well as all the diversity and PRIDE events that we are involved with. You’ll find getting involved is easy, fun and the best way to make new friends and cultivate new relationships. Plus, our Positive Living Retreat will be better than ever this year as we plan for great educational sessions with special guest speakers.
Have a great new year.



Michael Burks
President, HIV Arkansas