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Letter from the President – December 2016

Holiday Greetings to everyone! This time of year, we all look around our lives and stop to give thanks for the many blessing that have come our way. I want to take the opportunity to express my thanks to all our members, supporters, and allies. Your continued support has enabled us to continues this incredible journey for another year. What a year this has been for HIV Arkansas. We have experienced some of the most amazing things throughout the year. […]

Approaching our 10th anniversary and still going strong

Happy New Year to everyone!   It is my hope that this new year finds you healthy and happy. With the ending of 2015 it gives us time to reflect on all the things that came into our path. Through our regular monthly support meetings, health fairs and diversity events, we gained many new allies and friends plus had the opportunity to network with other organizations.   As the New Year is already out of the gate, it’s hard to […]

A Time for Renewal

With the dawning of spring comes the opportunity to enjoy the marvelous transformation of nature as the first glimpse of warmer weather is present through the sprouting of the daffodils, followed shortly by the flowering trees such as the Bradford Pears, Dogwoods, Redbuds and then the hardwoods. It is always amazing to me to watch this natural production as what appears to be dry, dead and life-less trees, grass and flowers come to life before our very eyes. Warmer temperatures […]

As we look ahead in 2013..

As we look ahead in 2013 we must not forget to remember the many things that we can be thankful for in the passing year. Many things for which we can be very proud of and hopefully many things that we can learn from. Learning, being thankful, and looking ahead is a vital part of growing as we make positive choices for our lives and encourage others to do the same. Looking ahead requires vision for bigger and better things, […]

From The President: Dealing with change

Have you every heard the phrase, “no one likes change?” Well, we all know that change is just a part of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Change, at times, is necessary, beneficial and can be completely out of our control. Regardless of the circumstance surrounding any change and we must learn to deal with the changes in our lives and go on. As an organization we must also change and continually look for ways […]

Overcoming the Obstacles of Attending a Support Group by Michael Burks

Often people who have never been involved in a good support group tend to view the term "support group" as something that weaker people need to make it through. Well, from my experience, nothing could be farther from the truth. The support group, Positive Living that is sponsored in the Northwest Arkansas and Ft Smith areas is the exact opposite; they are comprised of the strongest people I have had the opportunity to meet. These are the people who gather […]

My Story by David Smiley

On December 2, 1990 I was at Navy Reserve training in Dallas, Texas (Grand Prairie). I had been one month since I had completed my fitness testing (which I excelled in), while I was sitting in a class of about 25 students,  the active duty Corpsman Chief comes into the class and asks me to come with her. I have this awful gut feeling that I need to bring all my belongings with me. She drives her own car and […]

From the President

Is it possible to be happy while HIV positive? Is it possible to be happy while HIV positive?  Please understand I am no expert.  My expertise lies in my ability to eat food, and I am good at it!  If anyone needs advice concerning the consumption of fried chicken, I can certainly give you top notch counsel!  I say this because I am not an expert on HIV and happiness, but there are a few observations I would like to […]